We will send you the offer for:

  • the mould for your new product
  • for injection of plastic parts

You can send us:

  • sample of the product
  • design of the piece
  • 3D model
We can produce your mould.Time from the order to the first testing can be till 6 weeks.The universal frame of the mould is a part of the presse. For the production we need only the mould cavities. System of hot runners is very simple we use special multi tips nozzle.

The moulds can be:

  • with the ejector plates
  • with the inclined ejectors
  • with the hydraulic cylinder
  • with hot runners

Dimmensions 75x75x100 mm, weight cca 10 kg.


Today we have 6 injection presses Rambaldi:
  • BabyPlast 6/6 a 6/10 with clamping force 6,2 tons, with accessories
  • drying, coloring, cooling,...

Year of the production of the presses 2003. The production is in clean rooms according ISO 13 485.