Dear customer,

if you want to decrease your production costs, we found the solution and we advice you:
DonĀ“t produce your small plastic parts in big moulds and big presses.
Production of small plastic parts in small presses and small moulds will bring you the important savings and COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

Our activity is injection moulding of micro-, mini- and small- injection parts from 0,01g to 18g on modern, full hydraulic, injection moulding machines.

We offer you the following advantages:

  1. Excellent prices of our products as a result of lower production costs injected in small preses
  2. 30- 50% reduction of the price of the mould compare with standard mould for big presses.
  3. Top quality of the products due to special technology used.
  4. Production in clean rooms ( ISO 13 485 ) - parts for medical and technical use.

Fields of application of products:

Electronics , Electromechanics, Appliances, Automotive, Medical, Cosmetics, Pharma....


buttons, knobs, caps, plugs, gearwheels, medical, technical parts,... Assembling, Tampoprint.

We can:

  • replace your existing mould which is used and you must replace it
  • Produce second mould for your product
  • replace your mould if our price of the new mould and our cheaper injection moulding can bring you the important savings
  • participate in your new projects
  • offer the new mould instead of expensive or complicated modification
  • biinjection is possible.